Edge of the woods

two channel video & sound installation
4 min. 36 sec. loop

Edge of the Woods is an imaginary place located within the elusive subjectivity of a young girl. The video re-appropriates fairy tales as the camera wanders through a lush forest exploring innocence, desire and loss. These familiar tales simultaneously interweave along with a double narrative suggesting mutability of character. The dog and girl become like a mirror image, shifting roles and sharing consciousness within this transitory landscape.

*also see Edge of the Woods – Photo

Director: Julie Orser
Cast: Patty Roberts
Assistant Director: Jon Irving
Camera: Julie Orser
Steamicam Operator: Ari Robbins
Crew: Jon Irving & Elmira Mohebali
Hair & Make-Up Artist: Yvonne Ortiz
Dog Trainer: Jim Leske with his dog Bear
Owl Trainer: Christy McGiveron with Sierra
Editor: Julie Orser
Sound Design: Jon Irving
Special Thanks: Urban Bohemia, Debbie Crans, Jon Irving, Gareth Walsh, AJ Wedding, Mountaintop Ranger District - Big Bear, Inland Empire Film Commission, Wildcard Productions
Filmed on Location in the San Bernardino National Forest