In This Place (Anna Moore)

single channel video & sound
3 min. 16 sec. loop

In This Place (Anna Moore) is somewhere between hysteria and desire. Set in the film style of post-war psychological melodrama Anna’s disembodied voice reveals intimate, fragmentary thoughts amongst sometimes audible screams. Her body performs an unexplained cycle of rage and distress interrupted by sensual vivid fantasies.

*This version was created from a three-channel video and sound installation entitled Anna Moore.
*also see Double Bind (Anna Moore) and photography

Director: Julie Orser
Cast: Anna - Sarah Kraft
Voice of Anna - Leela Grant
Assistant Director: Jon Irving
Voice-Over Script: Jon Irving
Camera: Julie Orser
Camera Assistant: Carol Gehring
Hair & Make-Up Artist: Kim Donohue
Crew: Carol Gehring, Jon Irving, Natasha Subramaniam
Editor and Sound Design: Julie Orser
Music: Appropriated excerpts from Franz Waxman, Rebecca
Still Photography Assistants: Carol Gehring & Natasha Subramaniam
Special Thanks: Jon Irving, Matt Lipps, Mack McFarland, Jennifer L. Porter