Madeleine Exhibition


Works in this exhibition:
Always Green, Ever–Living 
Because I Remind You of Her
Ernies (You Can See Her There)
Judy's Nightmare
Portrait of Carlotta


"Julie Orser’s Madeleine evokes the insatiable desire to possess an image that lies at the heart of both Hitchcock’s Vertigo and the cinephile’s experience. As Madeleine suggests, Vertigo’s cultivation of the uncanny through motifs of doubling and repetition are tied to the dynamics of longing, the search for the familiar and the encounter with the strange." more
-Rebecca A. Sheehan

Thank You To Everyone Who Made This Project Possible:

Cast: Jennifer Campbell, Margot Danis, Emma Green, Canden Jackson, Laurie Mannette, Madeline McCuskey, Agnes Olech
DP: Michael Underwood
Assistant: Jackie Bonavita
Hair: Lindsey Bergfalk, Sarocha Kaewsritong
Make-Up Artist: Claire Wilson
Music: Appropriated excerpts from Bernard Herrmann, Vertigo

Special Thanks: Chris Bassett, Jackie Bonavita, David Casey, Kevin Crooks, Kevin’s friend Oliver, Deanna Erdmann, Greg from House of Hardwood, Hollyflora, Jade Jewett, Linda Kroff, the Luckman installation crew, Niel Prunier, Marco Rios, Rebecca A. Sheehan, Michael Underwood

This exhibition was funded in part by the ARC grant from the Center for Cultural Innovation.