four channel video & sound installation 4 min. 44 sec. loop
single channel edit 5 min. 13 sec.

Playback considers the ephemeral nature of memory and time through character, place and the recording process. The video combines animation with live action to create an adolescent daydream about a discontented, middle-class, teenage girl named Crystal. In the video, Crystal seeks refuge in her room and creates a tape-recorded diary for her future self. As she reflects on her life, her room displays uncanny characteristics until the final scene when it disintegrates, and Crystal and her cat slip into a void.

*A collection of the character’s artworks and photographs accompany this project.
Crystal's collage and photo diary

Director & Writer: Julie Orser
Actress: London Vale
Assistant Director: Jon Irving
Camera: Julie Orser
Second Camera & Lighting: Christopher Richmond
Hair & Make-Up Artist: Mira Cho
Cat Wranglers: Bianca D’Amico & Erick Pausz and their cat Looey
Crew: Jon Irving, Christopher Richmond, Aaron Sherwyn
Animation: Julie Orser
Editor & Sound Designer: Julie Orser
Sound Effects & Sounds: Jon Irving
Music: Appropriated excerpts from The Jesus and Mary Chain, Just Like Honey, Taste Of Cindy
Special Thanks: Bianca D’Amico, Jon Irving, Looey, Erick Pausz