New Narrators... (2018), HD animation
Happy Birds (2018), HD archival video
Folly (2018), found objects sculpture
Demur(e) (2018), HD archival video
Captain Rooftop (2017), HD video & sound
Fertile Myrtle (2017), HD animation & sound
Always Green, Ever-Living (2014), 4k HD video and sound
Ernie's (You Can See Her There) (2014), interactive installation, dimensions variable
Judy's Nightmare (2014), HD video, animation & sound
Portrait Of Carlotta (2014), video animation & sound installation
Madeleine (2014), archival pigment prints
Because I Remind You Of Her (2014), archival pigment print, film gels, light installation
Bottleneck (2011), HD video & sound installation
The Viewer (2011), HD video & sound
Playback (2010), four channel video & sound installation
Crystal's (2010), collage and silver gelatin prints
Blood Work (2009), HD video & sound
Edge Of The Woods (2009), two channel video and sound installation
Edge Of The Woods – Photo (2009/2012), silver gelatin prints
Anna Moore (2007), three channel video & sound installation
Anna Moore – Photo (2007), archival pigment prints
Double Bind (Anna Moore) (2007), single channel video & sound
In This Place (Anna Moore) (2007), single channel video & sound
Not Yet Tomorrow (2007, 2014), two channel video and sculpture installation
Not Yet Tomorrow (VHS) (2007, 2014), VHS videotape case sculpture, dimensions variable
Occurrence At Lookout Rock (2005), four channel video & sculpture
Bit Parts (2005), video & sound
Mary Goes Round (2005), video & sound
The Garden (2005), three channel video & sound installation